Written Feedback on Boot Camp Materials

Certainty you're on the right path, renewed energy and enthusiasm in your project, and built-in accountability to finish the boot camp.

Struggling to know whether your project sounds like a coherent book that will land you a contract with a university presses? Lacking confidence about whether what you have to say constitutes a book-worthy idea? Fear potentially making "the wrong" major changes to your book?

Wish you had someone who could tell you your book's strengths, potential challenges, help you make sense of it all and make your ideas shine?

Take all the guesswork out, get reenergized about your project, and gain built-in accountability today!

What Feedback Recipients Say

Wow - thank you! This is GREAT stuff! I appreciate the time and energy you have put into helping me think this through. Your suggestion of connecting [A] and [B] is a great one. And you are absolutely on the right track -- your articulation of [B] sets me up well for the material I plan to discuss in each body chapter. I love how it lends itself to a discussion of [topic]. Brilliant!

I am feeling energized, especially with the expert guidance and wise support of Katelyn and Allison on my side - you are such a DREAM TEAM!

How Feedback Works

What Feedback Will I Receive?

Allison and I provide written feedback through both comments in the draft itself (questions to consider, things to notice about your project, ways to reformulate your ideas) and synthetic, global comments of a few paragraphs. The feedback will always also suggest things to keep in mind as you continue to work (since the modules are iterative). So, it will reassure you that you are on the right track, or suggest things to rework before proceeding.

Who Reviews My Work, When, and How?

You will submit your work using the built-in DropBox links and Allison and I offer feedback at the 5 predetermined milestones below. We typically send feedback within 3 business days. Allison and I review different exercises. Here's what we each do and an overview of what you'll receive at each stage.

After completing Module 1 (Katelyn)

Assessment of the project as a whole; how well-aligned scope, claims, and structure seem to be; whether there are any issues that seem to be developing in your manuscript (i.e. you're presenting your book as literary analytical, but it sounds more literary historical; relationships between two halves of a project sound unclear); topics to keep in mind for subsequent exercises (i.e. relative weight of threads).

After completing Module 2 (Allison)

Feedback on the major concepts that seem to be emerging in your book; thoughts on the relationships between main concepts your book traces; questions and suggestions that will push you to clarify the thinking that's at the heart of your book, plus reformulated statements of your book's main claims.

After completing Objective 3.1 (Katelyn)

An assessment of how well it sounds like your chapters are aligned with your book; feedback on chapter-level and book-level claims; a list of "variables" that I hear emerging in your book that will help you make faster progress on Objective 3.2 and help you see your project through a reader's eyes.

After competing Objective 4.1 (Allison)

Feedback on the major concepts that seem to be emerging in each of your book's chapters; thoughts on the relationships between your book-level concepts and your chapter-level ones; questions and suggestions that will push you to clarify the thinking that's at the heart of your book, plus reformulated statements of your book's and chapters' main claims.

After completing Objective 4.2 (Allison and Katelyn)

Feedback on how well the chapters speak to one another and concretely align with your book's overall claims; thoughts on your book's hierarchy of threads (what threads deserve prime space at the book level, what threads deserve space at the chapter level, and what threads are minor); questions to keep in mind as you move toward working on your book's revisions.

Your Instructor

Katelyn Knox
Katelyn Knox

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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
How long do I have access to written feedback?
Once you enroll to receive written feedback, we do not put an end date on your ability to receive written feedback.
What if I want additional feedback beyond what you offer in this package?
No problem! Just email me ([email protected]) and I would be happy to put together a customized package for you.
Does this package come with telephone or video calls?
No. But, you are more than welcome to email me ([email protected]) and I would be happy to set up a customized package for you that would include written and video/audio calls.
What if I only want feedback on one document?
We only offer feedback on the whole suite of documents listed above.

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