Welcome! About Me and How this Boot Camp Came to Be

About Me and How This Curriculum Came to Be

In 2013, I accepted a tenure-track job at the University of Central Arkansas, received my Ph.D., and moved to a state I’d only ever visited once.

I immediately panicked. In these already high-stakes conditions, how was I supposed to master a publication process and a genre (an academic book) I had never written in before while teaching more classes than I’d ever taught (4/4)? 

The resources I consulted about academic book publishing helped me understand the process my manuscript would go through. But they didn’t offer targeted strategies for revising my own book manuscript for style, content, and narrative arc. And they certainly couldn’t give me author-centric advice about how to balance revising the book with my many other responsibilities.

From 2013 to 2015, I developed a revision plan and productivity system, but I felt as though I was making it up as I went. Though the strategies I developed ultimately paid off—my book was published with Liverpool University Press in 2016—but it was not easy.

Along the way, I learned a lot that could have saved me precious time and spared me stress and frustration. So, after publishing my book, I vowed to put together what I’d learned for other first-time book authors.

This course is that resource. I give you effective revision strategies so that you can focus on what matters: doing justice to your ideas.

You’ve come to me with a project. You’ll leave with greater clarity about your book, a concrete plan, and a systematic process to carry it out on your own.

Your work won’t be easy. But it’s precisely by struggling now that you will develop confidence, write stronger prose, and revise efficiently.

Again, I’m thrilled to be working with you.